What are the best RC Cars ?

Do you love your remote control cars? So do we and with so many different RC Cars to choose from it can be difficult to decide what type or model to buy. They are the ultimate big boys toys and most enthusiasts have more than one and array of accessories. We aim to help you make the best decision by providing you with guides and reviews on all things remote control.

RC Cars Guide

PictureRC CarTypeScale
Himoto 1:5 Scale Petrol 4wd Buggy MegaP MXB-5 Petrol1/5 th
HPI Racing RC Radio Control Nitro Firestorm 10T Off Road Stadium Truck Nitro1/10 th
Tamiya Electric DF-03 Dark Impact 4WD Buggy KitElectric1/10 th
HPI Racing Nitro Off Road 1/8th Trophy 4.6 Truggy 2.4Ghz RTR Nitro1/8 th
Nitro Petrol Remote Control Car 1:8 Scale 4WD Blackbird Buggy 60kph + RC Radio Control Nitro1/8 th

There are quite a few options on the market for cars and trucks. Every owner has their individual preference or a brand that they will tell you is definitely the best there is. In order to choose one that will suit your needs you will first have to know what it is that you are looking for. There are three things that you will probably want to consider before making your decision; do you seek speed, durability or reliability? The three main categories of RC cars are Nitro, Petrol and Electric.  The nitro versions will give you more speed and will run for a longer period of time, but require prep time before and after running it. Electric on the other hand are more reliable and easier to handle. You will simply charge your battery, run it down and do it all over again. Petrol Remote control cars are generally larger models that use the same petrol you get at petrol stations and cost more than the others in most cases. More information of each model type can be read below.

Electric Remote Control Cars

Electric remote control cars offer ease of use and require little maintenance. This makes them suitable for beginners. They have a radio transmitter, which is used to control the car. The cars also come with a servo and receiver. The receiver gets signals from the transmitter while the servo is used to control the various gears in the car. They rely on batteries for power unlike other rc car types, which use small fuel engines. The most advanced models have brushless motors and high capacity batteries and this enhances both their performance and speed. Electric models are safe to use indoors and they are quieter compared to the fuel-powered remote control cars. They are also light in weight and more responsive. The fast response rate makes it easy to control them on various track environments. However, it can take a considerable period to recharge the electric versions. Cool RC Cars owners can opt for more than one battery pack, which allows you to change the batteries when one pack runs out of charge. The batteries can only power the car for between 10 and 15 minutes and it takes about an hour or two to charge them. Another disadvantage is that they are generally slower compared to the fuel-powered cars although there are some exceptions.

Nitro Remote Control Cars for sale

Nitro Cool RC cars for sale have a small engine, which runs on lubricant and nitromethane. Batteries are only used to power the transmitter. They have a glow plug igniter that is used to start the engine. The glow plug has to be removed once the engine begins to run. They are very fast compared to the electric RC cars. It is possible to race them for a considerable period because they do not rely on a battery. The nitro RC cars can be refuelled easily and this is a significant advantage compared to the electric cars. Their main disadvantage is that the fuel they use has to go through a combustion process. This process generates a lot of noise and smoke therefore it is advisable to use them outdoors. The combustion process also creates build-up inside the car and this makes regular maintenance necessary. Maintenance can be time consuming because careful cleaning is required to get rid of the build-up. Despite these disadvantages nitro RC cars are a popular option because they offer high performance, power, and speed. They are also durable compared to other types. Nitro models are considered more expensive compared to the electric ones because of the maintenance and refueling costs but are the most popular type among enthusiasts.

Petrol Remote Control Cars

Petrol versions rely on a miniature petrol engine to function. The engines range between 12 and 21 cubic inches in most of the latest models. Some countries have restricted engines that are more than 21 cubic inches because the increased speed and power is a potential risk for users. However, professional remote control cars can have larger engines that measure about 28 cubic inches. They require more maintenance because of the petrol engines to offer greater performance. A beginner may find them more challenging because setting them up requires more effort unlike the electric ones that are easy to use. Despite this, they offer great speed and power. It is also easy to refuel them and this allows you to use them for longer periods with minimal interruption. You can only use a petrol remote control car outdoors because its engine generates emissions. The high power and speed can be overwhelming for a beginner but it is possible to learn how to control them within a short period.

Electric, nitro, and petrol remote control cars offer different advantages and your choice depends on the kind of performance and speed you are looking for. The electric car is suitable for indoor use and for people who want less maintenance work while the nitro and petrol cars are faster and more powerful but they are designed for outdoor use.

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